Advanced Photofacial Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation


Reveal smooth, luminous skin with noninvasive light therapy treatments at Vega MedSpa in Rochester, NY.

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"Thanks for helping my face. Would you believe after all that filler, I do not have one black and blue mark on my face? Not a one! I didn’t even need cover-up this morning. Unbelievable! You are something!" – Mary

Our light therapy facial treatments include:

North Star Peel

North Star

Combines the MicroLaserPeel with a profractional resurfacing treatment and the intense light therapy of a photofacial.

South Beach Laser Peel

South Beach Laser Peel

An effective dual treatment that combines a MicroLaserPeel with the intense light therapy of a photofacial.

Aspen Laser Peel

Aspen Laser Peel

A lighter version of the South Beach Laser Peel that brightens and tightens your skin with as little as two days’ down time.



An effective combination of a photofacial (intense light therapy) and a profractional treatment (deep laser resurfacing).

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