Not all lasers are created equal

Don't be Fooled by Cheap Lasers. Get Guaranteed Results in Fewer Visits.

Our BBL™ Laser: Their Traditional Laser: The Vega Difference:
Works on all skin tones, even darker and moderately tanned skin Only works on lighter, untanned skin With theirs you have to remain out of the sun and pasty white for up to two years. Our laser allows you to live life normally!
Features a thermoelectrically-cooled tip, plus a cooling gel Offers only the relief of a cooling gel Pain is the leading cause of discontinued treatment. Our laser's thermoelectrically-cooled tip means significantly more comfortable treatments.
Yields the desired results in just 6-8 visits Requires 10-15 visits to get the desired results Fewer appointments, less pain, and faster results than theirs–if you even finish theirs, that is.
Allows us to guarantee permanent hair removal Means you have to buy a package of visits or pay as you go You don't want more visits, you want less hair, guaranteed.
Is operated by a medically trained aesthetician Can be used by any certified employee You receive a med spa experience, with a medical professional who understands all aspects of skin care.
The superior BBL laser can also be used for medical & aesthetician treatments. Their laser is limited to low end hair removal. We can offer a superior laser with guaranteed results for the same price as their lower end hair removal only laser.
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Laser Hair Removal Saves You Time & Money

Save Time and Money Chart

Our Simple, “Guaranteed Results” Pricing

  • Underarms$800
  • Lip$600
  • Chin$600
  • Full Bikini$1,400
  • Brazilian$2,000
  • Lower Legs$1,800
  • Full Legs$2,800
  • Arms$1,600
  • Full Chest (male)$2,400
  • Back (male)$2,400

Prices are for a package of 12 treatments. For exemplary results, we recommend committing to one treatment every month for a full year. While undergoing treatment, it’s important to limit your sun exposure and not miss any appointments.

Single visits may be purchased; please contact the Spa for individual pricing. Results typically become noticeable after 8 treatments.

Our Laser: Forever Bare BBL™ by Sciton

While other hair removal treatments apply energy to a given spot all at once, Forever Bare BBL treats with continuous movement and multiple lower fluence pulses at a high repetition rate.

This advanced method evenly heats follicles to the precise temperature for fast and easy hair removal, greatly minimizing the likelihood of missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices.

A thermoelectrically-cooled sapphire crystal on the hand piece provides continuous skin cooling before, during, and after the treatment for added comfort.

Forever Bare BBL's multi-burst and cooling methods have been proven to work safely and effectively on more skin types than ever before, including darker skin.


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