Hear from our satisfied clients

Breast Reconstruction and Enhancements

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 5, 2015, and had my double mastectomy and reconstruction in April that year. From my first visit, I knew I was in good hands.

You and your team have taken such good care of me! You’ve been patient with my list of questions I bring to each visit, you’re always kind and helpful, and I never feel rushed at an appointment. You always make me feel like I have 100% of your attention.

My goal from the start of this journey was to end up with “the best possible outcome.” Two years ago, I had no idea that the best possible outcome could look as good as it does. I am very happy. Thank you, Dr. Vega—you and your team are outstanding! – Nancy

I want to take a moment of your time to express my sincerest gratitude to the office staff, Karen and Dr. Vega. You all have been so professional sprinkled with much kindness to me and made my recent surgery go so smoothly from scheduling, insurance approval, surgery, and follow-ups. A true top-of-the-line crack team who will always have my highest respect! Thank you and God bless! – A thankful patient

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful care during my pre-op and surgery. I have been and continue to be impressed with all the medical personnel who were and have been involved with my breast reduction surgery. I want to make sure that your staff at your office knows that I appreciate the professionalism, patience, and care given to me. – Patti

I had Dr. Vega do my breast reduction three years ago. I thank him every day of my life for my new confidence and relief! Dr. Vega is so compassionate and patient. He takes his time explaining everything and even took time to talk to my husband to make sure he was ok with everything. Dr. Vega, I cannot thank you enough. – Andee

I have been singing the praises of you and your staff to friends and family, and decided it was time to sing praises to you personally. Thank you so much for your care – pre, during and post – in my breast reconstruction. Part of my recovery has been the absolute confidence I have had in my doctors and their staff. Your friendly, informative professionalism has eased my mind of much of the stress I might have felt. I feel very lucky and everyone has told me how great I look – that helps. So, thank you! – Kathie

Heartfelt thanks for all that you have done to help me through such an emotionally traumatic time. I feel that I have been blessed to have such a gifted surgeon. What you do for breast cancer patients is amazing and I thank you for your dedication. God bless you. – Teresa

Thank you for taking a lot of time to discuss my upcoming “expander exchange”. You are my third plastic surgeon in less than a year…if you have any thoughts of about leaving, please wait until I’m healed. – Megan

I had a bilateral mastectomy with breast reconstruction. I am writing to commend those who helped my husband and me through this most difficult time. It was terrifying to me to even consider such surgery, but there weren’t any other acceptable options. When we met with your physician assistant on our first visit, our emotions were extremely fragile. Her cheery disposition and calm, patient confidence helped me to relax and calm myself.

Shortly after talking with her, Dr. Stephen Vega came in to examine me and answer our questions. He was friendly and also had a confident attitude. My surgery was scheduled in a timely manner. We never felt rushed although we know Dr. Vega’s schedule can be full. The highlight of my day was Dr. Vega coming in with his wonderful cheerfulness and joyful encouragement.

One of our prayers as we began this cancer journey last February was for skilled, wise doctors. The Lord brought us to the very people we had asked for. We are so grateful. To describe a cancer experience as wonderful seems odd, but it has been just that. These people have reminded me of what true compassion and understanding are. I would recommend Dr. Vega and all who work with him to anyone facing breast cancer reconstruction. With much gratitude and a joyful heart… – Elizabeth

I am writing to thank you again for the wonderful work you do. I was a patient of yours in 2008. I was at a breast cancer meeting last night and there was a woman who also was a patient of yours. This past year she had reconstruction with you taking the muscle from her leg also. I know it is your job, but I feel you go far beyond your call of duty. I just want to say THANK YOU again for giving me back what cancer took away. – Donna

I have never had a chance to thank you for all you have done for me. It has been a year since my first surgery. I remember you told me that you would work with Dr. Ahrendt and help me get through everything. Having cancer is a life-changing experience. My main concern was to get rid of the cancer. The tummy tuck and the breast reduction were an added bonus.

I did my research. I watch the Discovery Health channel, so I had a good idea what my surgeries would involve, but it’s different when it is happening to you. Dr. Ahrendt told me that you learned from the best, so I knew I had made the right choices for doctors. I never regretted my decision to have the mastectomy and reconstruction. As you saw the infection and you said “I don’t like that!” you told me that you would fix it and I knew that you would.

It took a few months, but I am extremely pleased with the way everything turned out. I just love my new belly button!! I took a lot of pictures of my progress and I am truly amazed at the changes, especially the whole area of the infection. To look at my abdomen now, you would never know that I had that infection and the skin graft. It was also nice to see you so happy with the results when I last saw you. Even “Skeptical Mom” is pleased!!

The scars get better every day. But most important, I feel like a new woman. Having my extreme makeover gave me the incentive to eat better and get more exercise. I have lost 30 pounds and am back to my normal weight. I haven’t felt or looked this good in a long time. I can’t thank you enough for helping make that happen. Right from the day I had my biopsy at the Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic through all my surgeries I had the best care anyone with breast cancer could have. I am so lucky to be living in Rochester where the best treatment is only minutes away. – Karen

Congratulations on a great interview. You expressed, very well, why reconstruction can be an important part of a breast cancer patient’s physical and psychological healing. Regardless of age, the loss associated with a mastectomy can be especially difficult. Thank you for the important work you do picking up the “pieces”. – Mary

Body Contouring

On January 23rd I lost two fingertips in a snow blower accident. I feel compelled to thank you for both the surgery you performed in the ER that day and the follow up surgery with Dr. Michalko. I will always be grateful for the outstanding care and professionalism. My wife and I were so impressed with your wit in my time of crisis. – Gregory

I wanted to express my thanks in a special way to you for going out of your way to see me in the ED when my cousin’s cat went “postal” on my left hand. Thanks so much for the extra effort. – Gretchen

Facial Sculpting

Thanks for helping my face yesterday. Would you believe after all that filler, I do not have one black and blue mark on my face? Not a one! I didn’t even need cover-up this morning. Unbelievable! You are something! – Mary Ellen

Thank you for going out of your way to suture my lip. It’s looking a lot better. You did a great job. – Sam

Thank you for the favor. It was greatly appreciated. Good luck with your career. You are wonderful. – Wendy (Sam’s mom)

Thank you for taking time out of your Sunday to suture my upper lip after my sledding accident. – Kelly

Eight years ago, my daughter was brought into Strong Pediatric Emergency with a dog bite to her face. You treated our daughter as if she was your own child. You were not only gentle and kind but meticulous in your surgery. After stitching her face back together she had questions for you, which you stayed around to answer.

Then, over the holidays when the stitches were coming out, you came in on your day off to see how she was doing. Your kindness and compassion will always be remembered. My daughter speaks of you fondly and every discussion regarding that night always lends itself to a mention of your skill. Most people who meet my daughter never realize her scars are there. – Cecelia

About Dr. Vega

Dr. Vega is exceptional. I could not ask for better care!  – A thankful patient

Your kindness and compassion in your practice are what sets you apart from all the rest. – Jennifer

We just wanted to thank you for all your help in my care this past year. Your sweet smile and caring manner put me at ease. I also appreciated your patience with me when I would call with questions. You’re a valuable asset to the practice. – Donna

Thank you for seeing me as your patient. I feel very confident and blessed to have met you that night in the ED at Highland. Your compassion and concern were most touching. I know you will be very successful. – Marylin

Thank you for all the wonderful care over the years for mom and I. It’s rare to find such skill and compassion in one awesome individual. – A thankful patient

Your wonderful care, concern and compassion have not gone unappreciated during this difficult time. You have given me more than the best of care, but a new figure and made me feel whole again. – Jane

I have to tell you what a wonderful person you are. My experience has been a very good one. You and your staff have been marvelous! My questions have been answered and everything was clearly stated to me before my surgery. I would recommend you to anyone (and have). Thank you so much for the care that you have given before and after the procedure; it has been wonderful. I was treated with warmth and compassion. Thank you so much! – Nancy

I have wanted to thank you so much for your support! I remember you – not just in the holding room but the times you took time to speak to me and hold my hand. When the anesthesiologist told you that you would be losing me in a minute or two, you said you knew that and you still stayed with me until I fell asleep.

I remember all the times you came to my hospital room. I do want to thank you for your kindness and caring. It meant so much to me. I truly believe you were sent by God to help me through that tough time.

Don’t ever stop caring for your patients as you do…don’t ever stop comforting them as you do even if no one says thank you. But do continue to care and not think of us as numbers or part of an assembly line. If surgery can be a good experience, I have had that experience with Dr. Serletti, Dr. Coniglio and you. I don’t just have “doctors”, I have the “A-Team”! Good luck with getting my case accepted by the medical journal. I hope other physicians will learn from what the best three doctors in the world have done. – Debbie

Dr. Vega is one of a kind. He is knowledgeable in his field, as well as kind to his patients. If God had a wallet, Dr. Vega’s picture would be in it! – Bonnie