Non-invasive Enhancing Treatments

Unveil a brighter, fresher you with skin enhancing treatments, peels, and polishes.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a great way to revitalize dry, rough, and lackluster skin. Peels exfoliate the superficial-most layer of dead skin cells and purge the skin of environmental impurities to improve hydration, product absorption, and elasticity. They stimulate collagen and elastin production and also improve the appearance of age and sun spots, clear clogged pores, control acne, and help reduce fine lines under the eyes or around the mouth.

  • Chemical Peel for Face $125
  • *Package of 3 $337
  • Chemical Peel for Chest $125
  • Chemical Peel for Back $200
  • Chemical Peel for Arms $150
  • Chemical Peel for Legs $250

6% Pure Retinol Peel

Retinol Peel

The most suitable candidates for this more active retinoid treatment are those with normal to resilient skin. 6% Pure Retinol peel provides dramatic rejuvenation of the skin. By providing additional antioxidants with the formula, the skin is further protected from free-radical damage. Skin is visibly smoother, brigther, and more evenly toned.

  • 60 minutes $175
  • Add to any peel $50

Red Carpet Peel

Red Carpet Peel

As the name says, this popular treatment will leave you glowing and ready for your “red carpet event.” Perfect as part of your beauty routine, schedule this peel before your event and take advantage of this combination treatment. First, dermaplaning preps the skin immediately followed by the application of a carefully selected chemical peel. Initially offered as a promotional treatment, it is now a standing menu item due to its popularity.

  • 60 minutes $130



Reveal smoother skin with this non-invasive, simple exfoliation technique. A surgical blade is used to gently remove the outermost layers of dead skin cells and superficial vellus facial hair or “peach fuzz.” Immediately after, your skin will feel as soft and smooth as a baby’s and you’ll notice your products are absorbed faster and your makeup applies smoother.

  • Dermaplaning $80



A well tolerated mechanical exfoliation using special gentle brushes to “sweep away” dull surface skin. Minimize age spots and softens fine lines around the eyes, lips, and neck. This treatment improves the appearance of wrinkles and lessens the appearance of acne scars. Microdermabrasion is also available with custom infusions and requires no downtime, leaving your skin radiant and silky smooth.

  • Dermasweep $125
  • *Package of 3 $337.50
  • Dermasweep with Epi Infusion $150
  • *Package of 3 $405

Body Polish

Body Polish

This luxurious treatment is the perfect way to smooth, silky skin. Your treatment begins with a relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils. This is followed by a body polish performed with salts to exfoliate and removed with steamed towels. The experience is finished with an application of moisturizers. Leave ready for vacation or an evening out.

  • 60 Minutes $80

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