Advanced Laser Skin Renewal


Reveal fresher, younger-looking skin with our non-invasive laser treatments.


photofacialsReverse signs of sun damage and improve skin’s elasticity, reduce sun spots, age spots and lighten dark areas. Using intense light therapy, a photofacial targets the dark melanin pigments drawing them out of the skin to slough off naturally with normal skin turnover. Results are a more even toned, brighter complexion.

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Microlaser Peel

MicrolaserpeelReveal fresh, rejuvenated skin with a microlaser peel, a controlled laser resurfacing procedure that takes just thirty minutes to an hour to complete with downtimes depending on desired results. This customizable process precisely removes the outermost layers of the skin and is ideal for treating the face, neck, chest and hands. Get the benefits of several chemical peels in just one treatment. Perfect for the busy client who wants quick results.

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Profractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional Skin RejuvenationDeep laser resurfacing helps correct wrinkles, texture irregularities and mild to severe acne scars. Profractional laser skin resurfacing boosts collagen and elastin production by penetrating the deeper layers of skin. This is ideal for the face, neck and areas of acne scars or wrinkles. Dramatic results can be seen with a series of treatments.

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South Beach Laser Peel

South Beach PeelA treatment that combines the benefits of a photofacial with a microlaser peel.

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Aspen Laser Peel

The lighter version of the South Beach Laser Peel. This combination of photofacial and Microlaserpeel will brighten and tighten your face with as little as two days’ downtime. Rid your face of unwanted age spots while providing a smoother texture to your skin.

North Star Laser Peel

North Star PeelA treatment that combines a photofacial, microlaser peel and profractional skin resurfacing.

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Manhattan Laser Peel

Manhattan PeelThis treatment combines a photofacial and profractional laser skin resurfacing.

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West Coast Laser Peel

West Coast PeelThis treatment combines a microlaser peel and profractional laser skin resurfacing.

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Radiance Laser Peel

Enjoy the benefits of our West Coast Laser peel, without the extended downtime. This combination is for the woman on the go! Increase collagen while restoring your skin’s texture and tone for a brighter, healthier glow.

Light Therapy For Acne

Acne Laser TherapyBlue, yellow and red light eliminate Propionibacterium (P. acnes), the bacteria associated with acne lesions. A minimum of 6 treatments are recommended. Patients find the beneficial effects of this treatment long lasting.

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Rosacea Laser Treatment

Rosacea Laser TreatmentVisible blood vessels and persistent redness from rosacea are significantly reduced using concentrated light. Veins will constrict and gradually fade away, leaving a more even toned complexion.

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Spot Treatments

Spot TreatmentsLight therapy is an effective solution for brown spots and hyperpigmentation. We will customize a treatment for your individual needs. Ideal for the face, décolleté and hands.

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