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Dr. Farkas was always so gracious to me in how she explained her part of the procedure in terms that I could understand. She always greeted me like I was her best life-long friend. Even at the hospital the day of the surgery, Dr. Farkas and Dr. Vega were so compassionate and really made me feel like I was in the best possible hands. Never once did either of them make me feel uncomfortable; instead, they both treated me with such grace and kindness and of the utmost importance to them. Dr. Vega has been nothing but kind and respectful and thorough in every encounter.

Honestly, I was blown away the first time I saw myself after the surgery…from my viewpoint, I still looked and felt like me…what I saw was my very same skin! It was an incredible feeling and Vega did that for me…you made me feel important, cared for, special and worth fighting for.

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