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Apply your Vitamin C and carry on!

What’s the science behind topical vitamins?

Does Vitamin C really reverse aging? Oh yeah! Numerous clinical studies from the world of dermatology have shown that L-Ascorbic Acid will reverse sun damage, increase collagen (skin density) and elastin synthesis (skin lift) and prevent future photo damage. Did you know that plants and animals protect themselves from the sun using Vitamin C and that the combination of Vitamin C and E works even better?

While Vitamin C is acidic and may cause skin irritation, L-Ascorbic acid, a derivative of Vitamin C is gentler and works its magic from the inside out. That’s why you’ll often find this active ingredient in high end skin care products. Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant and your first line of defense against free radical damage.

What exactly are free radicals, you ask?

Great question! We don’t want to bore you so here’s the skinny…a free radical is an “imbalanced” molecule that steals an electron from one of your healthy skin cells. That sets off a nasty cascade since now that skin cell tries to balance itself by stealing an electrons from neighboring skin cells and so on. The result is oxidative stress and a less than glowing complexion. Vitamin C, a well-known anti-oxidant, helps protect and repair skin cells by wiping up those free radicals.

It’s a rough world out there – free radicals are everywhere.

Environmental stressors like the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke and even metabolic stress (like that extra glass of wine or cocktail from last night) can all create free radicals that damage the health of our skin cells that cause a breakdown of collagen and elastin. The result is a dull complexion, sagging and aging. Whew!

What are you supposed to do?

Well, if an antioxidant serum isn’t already part of your skin care regimen, come in and see us. We can even show you some of our cocktailing tips with other serums. We know, you’re busy, another step can be too much – we’ll make it easy for you.

The Vega team never go without their C Serum, whether it be PCA Skin’s C & E Strength Max, C-Quench antioxidant serum or C & E Ferulic by Skinceuticals! With all of that being said, have you applied your “C” today to reverse damage and protect your skin?

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