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Are you a peach or a nectarine?

“Do you have a fuzzy face?…continue reading.”

What is dermaplaning?

A dermaplaning facial? What’s this all about? This is truly an “instant gratification” treatment that reveals dewy, glowing, smoother and brighter skin.

This treatment can be done on almost anyone including pregnant ladies who want a deeper exfoliation but want to avoid being exposed to chemicals.

I often recommend dermaplaning as an additional treatment with facials and chemical peels – removing the dull layers of superficial skin allows the active ingredients in our skin care products to penetrate deeper and work their magic.

Should anyone avoid this treatment?

The only situation in which I would avoid dermaplaning a client would be if they have active acne, as this could spread bacteria and lead to more breakouts and irritation. In those cases we have other treatments specifically targeted to your needs.

Is it scary? What’s involved?

The process uses a surgical blade to gently feather off dead skin and fine vellus hair or what many call “peach fuzz”. Whoa….did you say “surgical blade”? Hold on there.

It’s ok, breathe, you’re in good hands. You’ll feel a slight pressure as the provider holds the skin taut and a gentle scraping sensation. It is painless and well tolerated. When you come in, we can discuss how often you should have dermaplaning performed, as this will vary from person to person.

Won’t dermaplaning cause my hair to grow back thicker and darker?

That’s a myth. Simply, no. Because dermaplaning is only removing the hair at the skin level, it doesn’t affect the hair follicle or alter the hair growth cycle. Your hair will grow back in at the same rate and thickness it did before. For most people, this is 4 to 6 weeks out.

When should I have it done?

This treatment can get you ready for any photo op or event! I had it done last week and added a very light lactic acid peel to further brighten my skin – I felt radiant for my evening out. After dermaplaning, you’ll find your makeup will set better, too. By the way, your products will penetrate easier, too.

Ladies, best of all, no downtime for this treatment – just beautiful skin!

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